UCAM recorded a CD in 1997 that includes 18 short works regularly performed in schools by the UCAM chamber orchestra.

  • The CD Companion Guide provides detailed information about the music, musicians, instruments and composers.

  • The UCAM Workbook contains puzzles, pictures, and fun games that help students retain information learned in school performances.


This partial list of works was commissioned and is published by UCAM.

  • Overture for Strings: David Mullikin

  • Arlecchino’s Waltz for solo viola and strings: David Mullikin

  • Arabesque for solo bassoon and strings: David Mullikin

  • Expresso Rush (2 vn, vla,, cello, bass, fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, tpt, t’bone tuba & perc): David Mullikin

  • What is High Low: David Mullikin

  • What is Slow and Fast: David Mullikin

  • What is Loud and Soft: David Mullikin

  • What is Melody and Harmony: David Mullikin

  • What is Major and Minor: David Mullikin

  • What is Rhythm

  • Allegro for Horn: David Waldman

  • Pizzicati: L. Delibes, arr. E. Bertoluzzi

  • The Swan (solo Cello and strings): C. Saint-Saens, arr. E. Bertoluzzi

  • The Elephant (solo Bass and strings): C. Saint-Saens, arr. E. Bertoluzzi

  • Song Without Words (solo cello and strings): Tchaikovsky, arr. Bertoluzzi

  • Tarantella (solo cello and strings): W. H. Squire, arr. Bertoluzzi